Changes in Google Algorithm

Google Algoritma Değişiklikleri

Today’s agenda is changes in Google algorithm. Artificial Intelligence has an important place in today’s world. We actively use artificial intelligence in many different areas. Google Search Engine makes it possible to offer a better experience to its users by artificial intelligence based work which is a technology that aims to make our lives easier. With the recent work that Google is focusing on, Google’s search engine is better at understanding the topics that you want to search. Also the BERT language processing system which Google announced last year, understands nearly every question asked in English language and helps to list more relevant results. BERT is not the only contribution that AI provides for the search engine, we listed many developments that affect the result listing below. Follow us for more about the most developed form of Google Search Engine.

Text Search on Google Search Engine

According to reports from Google, there is a typo mistake in one out of ten searches. Google designed a new algorithm that detects and fixes typo mistakes. According to Google’s own article, only this change of algorithm is more efficient than the last 5 years’ work. With the help of the new algorithm, users can reach the correct results even though they make a typo mistake.

Searching with Long Sentences on Google

For many algorithms, searches containing long sentences can not show results in detail. In other words, we can say that long sentences are less likely to get adequate results. The main reason for this is that the sentence is getting lost in a website. But Google with its most recent algorithm change, it indexes the paragraphs one by one but not just the website. Thus, Google can relate to paragraphs and long sentences in a website and shows results according to the relevance rate. Google provided this technology globally for everybody’s use. In this way, Google expects a 7% enhancement on searches. With the algorithm changes, Google can now understand a paragraph containing the searched information is more efficient than a website compared to a website providing general information.

Moreover, Google started to show results thanks to related subheadings and ideas with their subheading related works. So that users can see more results and get more efficient topic-related results. It means that your substantiality and uniqueness of your contents will be more important on the result sorting.

Changes in Searches During Covid-19

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic which surrounded the whole world brought the need of changes and innovations. Google improved the Duplex system which helps users to reach more detailed information about the businesses. Users can see the occupancy rate of a business and keep their social distances in an easier way. Google also improved ‘Live View’ tool which now enables users to learn crucial information about the business without actually going to the shop or business itself. Google Maps is using My Business and other tools to show if a business requires wearing a mask or not. This feature also helps us to see the precautions that are taken in businesses.

Visual and Data Perception Improvements

Google’s algorithm changes does not only cover text-related contents. Video and data contents are now can be highlighted in Google. Google enabled this highlight artificial intelligence supported algorithm by detecting important moments in videos and link statistical data to questions. With this step, a user looking for a specific moment in a video will be easier. When a person asks “How many people live in Istanbul?”, the user will now be able to see the statistical results as well. You can also hum a song and find which song it is. But we are keeping this feature for another entry.

This is all from Google, for now. But as we all know, changes in the digital world are endless and constantly changing. Digital agencies who are working with different companies to keep their clients in the first pages on Google should keep themselves updated. Because in a changing algorithm, using the old methods would not carry you anywhere. While we are ending our topic, you should make sure that the agencies you are working with are keeping themselves updated and following the improvements in the digital world. This way, you can reach your targets on the first pages on Google.