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Instagram added another brand new feature which absolutely destructs the idea of online shopping day by day. If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram has brought many new shopping features within the application and took online shopping to another level. Instagram announced “Instagram Checkout” and gave this  exciting news and they did not stop there and announced another related online shopping feature and showed everyone how much they care about online shopping on social media. One of the most used social media platforms, Instagram, announced IGTV Shopping feature!

IGTV Shopping

Before these new features for shopping that Instagram announced was “swipe up” links and links that you could add on the description box. Now with the Instagram Checkout, IGTV Shopping allows users to discover the products they are interested in and buy the ones as they like. On top of that, it is not that complicated! Instagram Shopping for IGTV allows businesses and content creators to create shopping contents and for users to reach these products easily through Instagram.

This feature is truly useful since you do not have to leave the application by tapping other links and redirects and allows you to tag products that are related to the post. IGTV Shopping and the other online shopping features gave another point of view to social media by also making these features easy to use.

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What are the benefits of IGTV Shopping?

According to Instagram’s announcements, 130 million users scan posts that are applicable for online shopping. Instagram’s online shopping feature is not something new and special for IGTV.  Online shopping on social media was already used through stories, live sessions and posts. However most of these features are only available in the United States. Even though the pilot application’s duration is not certain yet, it would not be incorrect to say that these features will be available step by step for everyone’s use. Instagram also announced that they are planning to apply the online shopping feature for Instagram Reels.

Instagram changes the perception of online shopping by allowing users without leaving the application and giving them the chance to learn more about the products that they are interested in and purchase them as well. These methods which become more and more favourable day by day not only benefits the businesses but also the content creators. We may expect to see this feature in the Shops section soon.

While planning your future strategies it is crucial to learn more about the developments and optimise your future plans accordingly. If you are working with digital marketing agencies, the agency that you are working with shall follow developments in the industry since Instagram only goes forward by adding the shopping feature to all existing features. A business and a content creator that can keep up with the changes have a huge chance without being left behind and grow more and more.

Instagram will come up with further improvements that will help you to grow your business considering the fact that Instagram expressed that they want to add more features for online shopping. To put it in a nutshell, a new era starts in social media and it is in your hands to benefit this new era.

How to sell your products in IGTV?

Instagram’s IGTV Shopping feature is now available in areas that Instagram Shopping is active in the global level. Most of the people who already use Instagram’s shopping feature probably will not face any problems while adding products on IGTV. It is truly easy to use the social media’s pioneering model Instagram’s online shopping features. All you need to do is to choose the products that you want to be shown in the video you prepared while sharing it. Thus, people who watch your IGTVs may reach out to your products.

Instagram will provide  two options when users want to purchase products. For the ones who want to complete the purchase on the social media platform by using Instagram Checkout feature without leaving the app. Users may also visit the website of the product or the brand and complete purchase through the website.

The business holders and content creators who did not start using Instagram Shopping feature should qualify their accounts. If you are not sure how to use the shopping feature, you may keep on following us! We will be helping out to you with another entry which explains how to use Instagram Shopping feature!