Instagram Shopping Feature

Instagram Alışveriş Özelliği

Instagram has changed the online shopping perception with the brand new changes on social media and the content creators and businesses who want to take their places may activate this feature by themselves or through the digital agency that they are working with. You shall have a business in some specific markets that Instagram accepts to use the popular social media application, Instagram.  Your account should be verified by Instagram for the online shopping feature. Businesses that work individually or with an agency can reach the Instagram Shopping Feature Checklist for further examinations and details.

How to use Instagram Shopping?

First of all, your account must be a business account and must be connected to a Facebook page. To sell your products on Instagram, your products must be physical. If you are working with a digital management agency, your agency can learn if you are available for the Instagram Shopping feature and apply necessary steps without you putting an effort. Instagram’s shopping feature only is visible for accounts that are suitable for online shopping.

Businesses and content creators that are matching Instagram’s conditions should upload a catalogue via Facebook’s catalogue tool by themselves or through the agency that they are working with. After you connect the Facebook Catalogue to your account, you should log in your Instagram application. Find the settings section on your profile and choose the business option. When the Instagram Shopping option is shown to you, you should pick it and send your profile for the review by applying the steps that the application asks for. It may take a couple of days of the review of your account. You may check the status in the Shopping section in settings.

When your profile is verified, Instagram will send you a notification. You may start tagging your products in your posts, stories and IGTVs after your account is verified.

How to tag your products on Instagram with the shopping feature?

In order to tag your products by using the Instagram shopping feature, start creating your contents that you want to share as usual. Before you actually share your posts, you can tag products in your catalogue with the tag products feature. You should add the tags one by one. If you are working with a digital marketing agency, they can do all these steps for you.

You can tag maximum of 5 products in a single post and tag maximum of 20 products in carousels and videos. To add products to your story, you may use product stickers after you create your story.  Businesses and content creators who are using the Shopping feature may also examine the shopping statistics. If you are working with a digital marketing agency, you can ask for these statistics from them.

Why to use Instagram shopping?

Social media is made of many platforms that are constantly developing and growing. In today’s world, the biggest deficiency can be considered for a business to not take place in social media. While potential clients are examining a firm, they pay attention to the firm’s digital identity and their corporal website. Besides, Instagram shopping is now one of the favourite market for online shopping. Especially via Instagram Checkout users does not have to leave the app to finalise their purchase. IGTV Shopping is also a great opportunity for every business’ growth no matter if they are working on their own or with a digital marketing  agency.

No matter if you are a small or a big business, Instagram Shopping is a market you should be in  if you are selling physical products, it enables you to reach your potential clients as well as growing and developing your digital identity among social media platforms. You may not have enough time to strengthen your corporate identity, and this is exactly why you should work with a digital marketing agency without spending your own time for further growth.