New Era in Twitter

Twitter'da Yeni Dönem görseli

One of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, has been working on minimizing the spread of the fake news and misinformations. This practice has been tested on Android devices for three months, the application was showing a notification regarding retweets which are shared without even being  read. Twitter’s support team also announced that they are going to help users with a new feature. We will mention more about this in the upcoming  of our article.

Twitter’s Content Reading Notification

Many users on Twitter can reach unreal or distorted news and could forward those to other people as well. This situation was harming both the platform itself and many other communities. But with this notification feature that has been tested with a part of the Twitter population started to warn users to read the content as a whole and not just the heading when users retweet a tweet.

This feature has been tested only on Android devices. Twitter shared another statement regarding this feature which encourages users to read the whole content. With this statement, everyone realised the effects on the social media platform Twitter.

New Notification System Analysis

In the statement that Twitter made, Twitter announced analysis on the accounts that have been tested. According to the analysis outcomes, Twitter users started reading the contents with a %40 higher rate. Also, the number of users that are reading the content before retweeting has risen %33. Twitter team that is happy with the analysis reports, announces that this application will be available on the whole application.

So, in a short amount of time, people around the world, including Turkey will get these notifications. Twitter assumes that fake news’ spread rate will be decreased at least a little bit.

In the light of this information, we can say that this new feature in Twitter is truly successful and an important step for limiting the spread of the misinformations and fake news. Since social media platforms are rapidly changing, we do not think that this will be the last update of Twitter. Stay tuned for further updates!