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Alkim Sağlık

Website Development Service

Alkim Sağlık specializes in the sale of materials for clinical diagnosis and treatment in fields such as microbiology, biochemistry, serology, immunohematology, blood centers, and pathology. We created a website for them that is compatible with the health sector, responsive, and has a fast system. In the UX/UI design of the website, we used a minimalist and easy-to-understand user interface. With the systems we developed, we wrote the back end of the site in our own programming language, providing a unique technological experience.

On our user-friendly website, we ensure that the targeted audience obtains detailed information about Alkim Sağlık and its products. We took on the analysis of attacks, technical support, infrastructure testing, and troubleshooting on the site. In the field of front-end development, we used React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, SASS, and HTML5. We incorporated health sector-appropriate designs into the software. Visually, we created designs that the target audience can easily understand without confusion.

We have a back-end development area that will run the entire system on the back of the site. Among the languages we use for programming, there is also a programming language that we have developed ourselves. Using Laravel PHP and LibeCMS languages, we connected the language to the database. We implemented the entire architecture of the system in the Back-end part. Ensuring its fast and smooth operation with maximum efficiency, we provided extra convenience in user experience. We took over their sites with confidence, as we are accessible 24/7 in terms of infrastructure and security.