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Web Development and UX/UI Design

Bursa Transportation Public Transport Operation Tourism Industry and Trade Inc. (BURULAŞ)” title represents the transportation power of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. We created a customized online platform for the target audience.


Emphasizing informative features in website functions, we provided software solutions. We transformed the project into a high-quality web-based solution by coding the data users would find when researching Bursa online. We ensured the stable operation of Burulaş’s web presence.

In front-end development, our goal was to enable users to perform online actions without confusion on the interface. We aimed to enhance usability on web pages by incorporating designs tailored to visitors’ needs.


We defined the structure of the web page and described the content using HTML5. Using Bootstrap, we created the page layout by applying styles and components. In modern web design, we facilitated the user experience with a clear design language. We made the interface responsive to ensure compatibility on all devices.

We configured the platform with technologies and codes developed in the background of the website. Using programming languages to manage database connections, we ensured the site’s stability.


In back-end development, we designed a user-friendly interface using WordPress and established a robust security system. By securing the site, we took control of potential threats. We provided the project to users with a reliable, customizable, and fast infrastructure.