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Information Technologies
and Communication Authority

Website and Technic Services

The Information Technologies and Communication Authority is the institution that regulates and supervises the telecommunications sector in the Republic of Turkey. While working on the project, we prioritized the user interface and experience with a focus on the Information Technologies and Communication Authority. We improved the websites to organize the system. We facilitated the collection, processing, and development of parsers for data on the client side. We assisted in protecting personal data specific to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority, technical optimization, and providing support for a fast and accessible website.


For the website, we chose a user-friendly interface for users to access information about the institution. With responsive design, we ensured compatibility with all devices and paid attention to consistency. We used Next.js for front-end development. Visually harmonious and minimalist designs were considered to avoid straining the eyes within the page. We positioned the placement of content in an explanatory and visible way specific to the institution. We placed the site’s front-end on the server side using Next.js.

We established a system that ensures the smooth operation behind eye-catching designs. In back-end development, we used the Laravel PHP programming language. In this technology where we prioritize efficiency and accessibility, we ensured the operation of various modules. It was a project with customization, end-to-end encryption, high-speed performance, and threat analysis. We integrated user-friendly technology into the project with database management, server adjustments, and system optimization.