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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Website Development, Technical Maintenance, UX/UI Design

We established the website with a simple, clean, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface for the Republic of Turkey, which contributes to the country’s development in transportation, maritime, communication, space, and information technologies. We ensured the systematic functioning of the site, covering corporate information to activities, units to the ministry, regarding the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. We provided the ministry with up-to-date technology, ensuring a fast and smooth-running software for user experience.

We aimed for the user to easily access all the information they are looking for about the Ministry on the front end without confusion. We provided solid and efficient online portal support to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. In front-end development, we utilized Next.js, React, HTML5, and CSS3 technologies. Enriching the front end of the site with visually harmonious headers, footers, and mockups. Following a goal of creating a website that is understandable and user-friendly for the Ministry, we successfully completed the project.


We prioritized the serialization of the user experience in client services. Our strong back-end developments, designed to run the design on the front end of the website, have Laravel PHP and Reactor CMS programming languages, ensuring a smooth and fast system technology in the project. We ensured the software’s operation with these languages and its connection to the database. Alongside our technical support and maintenance team, we not only ensured the smooth operation of the infrastructure in the project but also promptly resolved any issues that arose.