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Turgut Pharmaceuticals

"From the Past to the Future with Strong Bonds With 70 Years of Experience... "

Turkey’s first pharmaceutical company, Fako Pharmaceuticals Inc., completed its corporate transformation into Turgut Pharmaceuticals with the new generation of executives. After this transformation, we fulfilled our part in the digital transformation of the brand.

We initiated the creation process of the website, which would serve as the focal point for the brand’s digital positioning, with thorough analysis.

User-friendly interface

Architecture of corporate perception

As a result of these extensive analyses, we prepared our business plan. Together with our software team, we decided on the most suitable infrastructure for developing the website. Subsequently, we collaborated with brand officials to carry out content, visual, translation, and keyword-related work.

Throughout the work process, we also executed corporate tasks such as video production, photography, assembly, and editing. We archived the brand’s facilities, including the central office within the Istanbul 205 Tower, with new footage, which we also used in identity works.

We executed the UI-UX designs for the website, for which we managed all design and visual work. We coded the website with the React programming language in FrontEnd development. After completing the search engine integrations, we finalized the testing by providing server services.

All services on the Turgut Pharmaceuticals website are under the guarantee of Liberyus.

We take great pride in having successfully completed this long-term project.