Social Media Management: The Most Common Mistakes

Sosyal Medya

Facebook Ads are easy to place for everyone. An advertisement may increase the number of likes. But every ad you give will not help you to reach out to your potential client persona or provide interaction on your page.

Even though giving an ad is easy, if the ad optimization is not planned well your ads would not be effective enough. Social media management requires knowledge, experience and constant research. For the chosen type of the ad, ad statistics are likely to be more beneficial if we also take the content of the ad, budget, and the ad itself into consideration.

We will touch upon the mistakes that ad promoters make commonly in Liberyus Blog!

About Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most effective tools of advertisement. According to data from Facebook, users carry out 2 billion searches on the monthly average and videos on Facebook get 8 million views per day. Facebook is also referred as the most preferred social media platform with 67% rate by the marketers.

With Business Manager, it is easier to control your messages and ads on both Facebook and Instagram business or personal accounts from a single panel.

Most Common Facebook Ads Mistakes

Social media management is more than highlighting a page or a post. The most common advertising mistake on Facebook is still using the “Ad buttons”. Even though advertising is a quick method, managing campaigns, creating special advertisements, and testing out these advertisements, and to run A/B tests, you should use Facebook Business Manager.

Beside campaign management on Facebook Business Manager, you can plan your posts on Instagram and Facebook, reply to messages and comments additionally.

Campaign Goals

While creating a Facebook advertisement campaign, the first step is to set a campaign goal. You should set the campaign goals according to the outcome expectations of the advertisement. You can choose Facebook campaigns from three main categories.

The options that you can see above, optimizes your campaign according to your selections. If the campaign goals are not set correctly, the interaction you are expecting would not be satisfying enough no matter how interesting or creative your ad is.

Target Audience

More than 2 billion content is accessed on Facebook every day. If the target audience planning is not correct enough, your advertisements will most likely get lost and remain unseen on Facebook and Instagram, which are the most popular social media platforms.

Unless you fail to reach out to the audience which are related to your advertisement topic, the chance of interactions will get lower. For instance, a company producing construction machinery advertisements, probably will not get attention from 16+ female individuals.

Advertisement Types

Facebook ads allow you to choose from 1300+ targeting choice, 15 targets and 6 main advertisement type. This might be confusing for new advertisers and may cause several problems. Individuals who would like to create ads should examine these options and choose the best advertisement type for their target audience.

Advertisement Headings

According to a research conducted in Colombia University and French International Institute, 59% of people share or not share a post only judging on the headings. This is why advertisers should pay more attention to the headings.

There are some important topics you need to pay attention to while preparing advertisement headings. First of all, you should not forget that a Facebook user see hundreds of ads and you have a very limited time to draw users’ attention. You also should avoid using cliche sentences.

Advertisement Offers

Facebook ads have a system based on offers just like Google Ads. Advertisement offers determine your advertisement’s sorting compared to other advertisements from the same sector or another advertisement. Applying your offers in the right way would highly benefit to your advertisement campaign.

Advertisement Placement

Facebook provides options for your advertisements’ placement. Choosing your ad replacement would contribute to your ad in a positive way. Even though it might seem unimportant at the beginning, it has a significant effect on your ad. With examining potential placements for your ad, you may find the most suitable place for your ad.

Ad Tracking

Many users do not track ads after giving them. This situation may cause many negative consequences. Besides coming up with proper campaign solutions, if you do not track ads you have given before, you might show your ad to the same users over and over again and may disincline from your brand. However, Facebook Business Manager offers many options for ad tracking and statistics. As we mentioned in the beginning of our post, using Facebook Business Manager actively on social media management practices would contribute to your work a lot.

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