Super Follows & Communities on Twitter

Twitter Super Follows ve Topluluklar görseli

We have good news for content creators! Twitter becomes another platform for content creators to create a new income channel.

Twitter Super Follows

In recent days, Twitter announced a brand new feature that enables the creation of follower explicit special content with monthly subscriptions.

Users are now able to subscribe to an account with the “Super Follow” feature so that you will have access to “Super Follow” exclusive tweets.

Benefits of Super Follows

Twitter dropped behind compared to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in terms of generating income for content creators.

With this step that Twitter took, content creators can make a profit out of Twitter. This brand new feature now benefits both the platform and the users of Twitter.

Super Follow feature will add distinction to:

  • Supporter Badge
  • Subscriber Exclusive Newsletters
  • Special Contents
  • Deals and Discounts
  • Communities Access

A specific date or further details of this feature has not been announced by Twitter yet. But we are assuming the further details will be with us very soon!


Besides Twitter’s Super Follow feature, Twitter also announced another feature similar to Facebook Groups.

With the help of this feature, Twitter users will be able to attend discussions about their interests and join online events as well.

Additionally, Twitter Community Members will have the chance to share a specific tweet with the Community they choose.

This is all we have for now! We will be adding more and more news in the time course. See you soon on the other series about features updates!