What is Social Media Package?

Sosyal Medya Paketi

Social media packages or in other words, “social media management packages” are created and sold  by some unqualified people or unprofessional digital media agencies which offer weekly or monthly post sharing. Social media packages may be offered for stories as well as posts. However, the story sharing rate is mostly low and most of the time they would provide it after the subscription for some time. We call it “subscription” since these kinds of agencies would offer a fixed post package. The services and the number of contents will depend on the price that you pay. But using these kinds of packages would not benefit you nor your goals. Working with a digital marketing agency is way more efficient than subscribing to a website. A professional digital agency would  conduct research and prepare for your work and decide on the best options for you.

Why should you avoid “Social Media Packages”?

We can think of social media management packages just like buying followers. Each time you buy a package, the number of content would rise but the interaction would never change. The unprofessional digital agencies and unqualified people would not provide a pre-study on your work or your targets. You would only receive pre-made contents, visuals used by everyone else, and contents without any foresight. Plus, digital marketing agencies working with this perception would not have the need to follow the advancements around the world. In the digital world, having up to date is one of the biggest advantages in the competition environment.

Then why do people buy packages from unprofessional digital media agencies? Because many digital agencies provide these packages with affordable-looking prices. Especially for the business owners who do not have enough information on social media management and algorithms, tend to find it attractive.  However businesses that use social media management packages show no progress. In short, when buying social media management packages, they seem to be profitable but they cannot provide you the advantages that a professional social media management agency.

What are the advantages of digital media agencies?

The answer to this question is simple. A professional digital media agency would care for your business just like your company is a part of them and before deciding on the strategies that are going to be applied, these agencies would conduct a wide research that would benefit the management plan. A digital agency would examine your current situation before everything else. Then analyses the most proper markets and further analyses how you should be located in these markets. Also with the competitor analysis, the agency would examine other businesses in your field and come up with a unique plan.  Shortly, a digital media agency conducts their research around where and how questions and the possible strategies that would fit your business best. The benefit that you would get from social media packages probably would be highly low. But if you would start working with a professional digital marketing agency, you would start enhancing your business and succesfully reach out to your target audience.

Working with a digital media agency with a qualified team would save you time and help you to raise brand awareness and increase your income and it is the best way possible in terms of digital marketing. Digital agencies would not ask for any service charge either since every aspect of each necessity is different. It is better and more efficient to share posts in the right time and with the right content is way much better than sharing 10 posts per month. In digital media agencies, instead of receiving only post and story contents, you would have unique visuals for your company and unique contents which will draw attention from your potential clients. More than that, if you would get the social media management service from a digital marketing agency, you would be able to redirect your clients from the social media channels to your business. With an agency that would take the best steps possible for you and not exclude you from the process, the only way that you can move is forward.

With proper digital marketing agencies, instead of dreaming of impossible, start reaching your goals. Let your business be in safe hands with a team which understands social media algorithms.