What's New for 2021: Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator

Facebook Yenilikleri

In our blog section, where we share the most up-to-date digital news of 2021, we will discuss one of the latest updates of Facebook, which has close to 3 billion users, for content producers.


Besides tools like Content Studio and Facebook Business, Facebook introduced the Creator Marketing Accelerator program to its users! Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator; At an online event organized by the company last week, it was announced globally among new products that will help create content creators generate income on Instagram.


Mentioning that the perspective and values of the Z generation are very different from the previous generations, Facebook explained that they aim to offer an area where young people can earn income while expressing themselves.

What is Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator?


Those who follow know, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri recently said that they are pursuing innovations that support content producers and introducing developer tools. Shortly after this announcement, Creator Marketing Accelerator, a tool for content producers, was introduced last week, as we mentioned above. So what exactly is this program?


According to the information given in the introduction, training will be given to content producers to enable them to use the program better within the program’s framework. There will be many tools within the platform that allows content producers to come together with brands they want to cooperate with quickly.


Based on this information, we will meet with content producer stores and new branded content promotions/deal systems. A marketplace to help brands match content creators suitable for their target audience is also among the innovations!

Instagram Involved Micro-Influencer Period

Content creators earning income from Instagram earn this income by publishing sponsored content. However, most of the brands cannot reach the target audience they expect. With the new market understanding that will develop thanks to the Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator, brands will now find content producers producing on Instagram and suitable for their target audience.


Thanks to these innovations, both content producers and brands will grow their audiences more efficiently.

Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator Benefits


It would not be wrong to say that the tools offered by Facebook that we can start using soon will contribute to the influencer partnerships that will take place inside and outside the platform and will facilitate these partnerships!


Recently, there have been many intermediary platforms that companies that want to cooperate with content producers have also popularly used. However, in our estimations, Facebook, which provides many tools from a single platform thanks to new future tools, can come to the fore instead of intermediary platforms in this area.


Carolyn Everson (Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook), who also made statements about the Facebook Creator Marketing Accelerator program, said that Turkey has excellent geography to start the program. If we quote directly from him;


“Instagram has always been a platform where creativity thrives, but it has become a place where young people and content creators define the future and where brands can reach new audiences and strengthen their businesses. At this point, we are aware of the importance of the potential of content producers and brands to feed each other. With the Creator Marketing Accelerator program, we aim to support content producers and partners to make the most of Instagram to reach their target audiences, tell their stories and grow their brands. We believe that we can play a fundamental role in this direction, thanks to the new tools we offer.”